I get it. I've been there myself...

The world of merchant accounts can be confusing and it isn't always clear what you are actually paying for. With this website, I aim to help the average business owner make knowledgeable choices and find a merchant solution that actually works.  I want you to be able to navigate the merchant account world with the knowledge needed to not fall into many of the traps that unscrupulous companies set.  I want you to stop hoping and praying that you’ve got a good merchant account solution and finally KNOW that you have a solution that is right for you.  I want you to stop overpaying for your merchant account processing.  I want you to have great customer service.  I’m hoping that with my writing on this website, you’ll be able to be a very informed business owner regarding the payment industry.

What you can expect to find on this site:

  • Clear information about the merchant account industry  - I cut to the chase and tell it like it is so you can make educated choices
  • Get your questions answered - hit me with your best shot - I'll demystify the credit card jargon and make it easy to understand
  • The inside scoop - I bring you information the credit card companies, and many processors don't want you to know 

It takes time to really dig in and understand the credit card world. Time that many business owners and decision makers just don't have. I've put in that time so you don't have to, and I'm making the information easy to understand. So, whether you need to decipher your current merchant account service, or you are looking for a merchant solution for the first time, I want to help you to make informed decisions.  If you ever have any questions, please feel free to write or call me.  I’ll help in any way that I can.

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