The Value of Teamwork

“The Value of Teamwork”

There's something special watching a team do a project.  I've had three great examples of teamwork with contractors at my home this year - and one that was "not so great". 

In no particular order - here are some of the things that the great teams had in common:

  • They set up shop like they were doing surgery.    They knew exactly where everything would go.  Things were laid out so well that I'm sure someone had been in the military - or was VERY SWEDISH.
  • They worked "CLEAN".  There was no mess, no rubbish astray - even while they worked.  It reminded me of cooking shows where everything was tidy - all the time.
  • They worked "SILENT".   It seemed like they knew exactly what they needed to do - when they needed to do it.  There was no yelling or ordering anyone around.  
  • Each member knew their own job - but they also knew everyone else's job.  They covered for each other.
  • They ate together.  This sounds silly, but the roofing crew that came took breaks together and sat on my lawn.  The owners of the company were right there with the crew.  
  • They finished together.  No one stopped working because their job was done.  They picked up and helped each team member do their job as well.  No one left early.  No job was beneath any of them.
  • They were respectful.  Respectful of me, my property and my neighbors.  
  • They were efficient.  Holy Smokes.  There wasn't a wasted movement.  Anywhere.  The crew that took down my 80 foot tree from my back yard with all the machinery in my front yard (crane, chipper, etc) was amazing.  Cutting that tree into 7 "chunks" that were brought up and over my house one at a time.. That was something!  The paving crew that put in a PERFECT two car wide driveway - did the whole job in 60 minutes.
  • They checked to make sure I was happy and didn't have any questions or issues.  
  • They communicated.  Prior to the work being done - they answered my calls, handled my questions and truth be told, they treated me like I was their best and only customer - even though I had never worked with them before.
  • When they left, it was as if they had never been there.  The job was done, and everything was pristine.
It really is a joy to watch a team functioning well.  I haven't been a part of a team since I left corporate life.  Wait.  The last 10 years of corporate life wasn't team oriented either. It was more like "HUNGER GAMES".  Each to his own - no matter what.  No surprise I left that all behind.  Gladly.
I said that there was one team that wasn't so great that worked on my home this year.  And as I look through the above list, they really didn't have any of the traits of the great teams.  Huh!  I expected they'd have a couple at least...  How interesting.
What about your team?  I know there's a lot of fancy books out there on teamwork, but consider using the things that I noticed above to check on your team.  Would your customers say that your team had the traits listed?