What exactly is Words of Wistrom?

I've been telling stories for as long as I can remember. Many friends and business associates have told me that I need to capture and publish them.

Some of these stories will make you laugh, others may make you remember the old days, others may help you to dream. Some will help you fix problems, others may just perk you up a bit. Whatever they do for you - I hope it helps you along your journey....


The $250 Hammer

By jerrywistrom

Remember when the government/military was overcharged for things like hammers?  Here's my equivalent from the 1900's.  I hope you enjoy the story!


Sharp Sticks and Apples

By jerrywistrom

How do Sharp Sticks and Apples come together for kids in the country? Read on! I hope you enjoy the story!


My First Three Jobs After Graduation

By jerrywistrom

The "first job" out of college may not be what we expected - and we also don't know where it will lead.... I hope you enjoy the story!


About That Pilot's License

By jerrywistrom

Last week I wrote about being a student pilot. Who knew the amount of email and discussions that would generate? So... Here's a follow-up to last week's story.


Mid Flight - Pop Quiz

By jerrywistrom

I always wanted  to learn to fly.  And in the 1980's I did!  Here's one of the many stories that came from being a student pilot.   I hope you enjoy the story!


Arethusa Farm in the 1960's

By jerrywistrom

This is a post about TRUST and HONOR and COURTESY - how we did business in the 60's. I hope you enjoy it.


Maya and the GOGO Juice

By jerrywistrom

There are really two reasons for this article... First - to show off a picture of my new grand daughter, but second - to tell the story of how she helped to create Words of Wistrom.


Tastes and Memories

By jerrywistrom

The following story may help you go back to a time or a place that was special for you.  Our memories are linked to so many things - taste apparently being one of them.  I hope you enjoy the story!


Dad and the 1964 Ford Mustang

By jerrywistrom

Great story about doing your job and following your values.


Mr. Old School

By jerrywistrom

A story about tipping people in hospitality.


Bull Crap

By jerrywistrom

Welcome to the very first issue of WORDS OF WISTROM. This is one of my favorite stories about my dad - Art Wistrom.