Guiding Beliefs / Values

Always Do the Right Thing
I’m sure this sounds a bit simplistic, have extremely high ethics.  I do my best to handle every situation so that everyone wins.  I enjoy sleeping well at night knowing that I do everything I can to serve my customers.

I am a life-long-learner, who  also loves to teach others.  If I can find a better way to do something - I figure it out - then pass it on.  I've been doing that my whole life.  When I discovered how most businesses were kept in the dark about credit card processing fees, I knew this would be a great fit for my skills.

Treat People the way I want to be Treated
I’m a very tough consumer. I expect great customer service. I’m really demanding regarding communication and service. I want things done when they’re promised. I want them done correctly. If there’s a problem, I want to be informed. I do everything I can to bring these same values to you as your provider of payment processing.