Sight Unseen


January of 2020  I had just pulled into a parking space at my eye doctor's for my annual checkup when I received a call from Jason at GOOD GUYS AUTO HOUSE.  Jason and I have been doing business together for about 6 years.  I first met him because I needed a "new used car".  We met when I bought a used 2007 Toyota Avalon from him.  He treated me really well through the entire process.  In a very short amount of time, I knew that this was someone I could trust.

In short order,  Jason became a customer of mine.  I helped him minimize his payment processing fees.  He started introducing me to people who could use my services, and I started recommending my friends to get their next used car from him.  My youngest daughter bought her next car from Jason, and has loved it since day one.     

Jason and I talked for a few minutes, just catching up on family / New Years / etc.  Jason asked:  "Are you still driving the Avalon?"  My response was:  "I'm in it now!  Still love that car."  He then told me that he was about to have a newer Avalon (a 2011) for sale, and he wanted me to have "first dibs" on it.  I gave him a tentative "YES" and told him I'd get back to him soon.  He wasn't in a rush as the car still had to go through probate.  Jason had known the owner of the car and had worked on it.

My wife and I don't buy cars or any other large cash outlay without talking it through as a team.  I had recently taken my car in for service and asked if it was time to consider selling it.  My local auto repair guys said that the car probably had another 150,000 miles in it because we had really maintained it well.  The resale value on the car was pitifully low, so selling it wasn't going to make sense.  Our daughter Lauren and her husband Rob were expecting their first child, and only had one car (and not the most reliable car at that).  We called them and asked if they would like my Avalon if we shipped it to them.  The answer was a resounding  "YES"!

I called Jason and gave him my "YES" as well.  This is saying "yes" to a car that I haven't seen and wasn't even at Jason's shop yet.  The fact is - I wasn't saying "YES" to an automobile - I was saying "YES" to someone who I knew and trusted to always be looking out for my best interests.  Long story short - I picked up the new car the same weekend we shipped my old car.  I love the new car (even though it is barely used these days).

The point of this story is that I've created my team of trusted advisors.  It took a while to round out the team, but it's pretty well filled:  doctors, dentist, financial planner, CPA, attorneys (yes - multiple), computer support, web designer, plumber, electrician, arborist....  The list goes on and on.  And when one of them gives me their advice - I LISTEN.  

It's really a question of return on investment.  There is no way I have enough time to stay well informed on all the things that need attention in my personal and business life.  My team of professionals allow me to spend my time doing what I do best - finding humor in everyday life and helping folks out along the way.

Just so you know...  finding this team usually came from always trying to do it myself.  Long ago I gave up on doing my taxes.  Years ago I realized that I couldn't manage my retirement investments as well as a financial advisor.

I sincerely hope that you've been busy finding your team of professionals.  Abraham Lincoln said:  "He who serves as his own counsel has a fool for a lawyer and a jackass for a client".  And friends, Abe knew what he was talkin' about...

All the best!