Customer Focused

Everything I do is customer focused. It comes from 16 years as a business coach. I’m the least “salesy” person you’ll meet. I don’t push, I don’t sell. I listen and advise and work to create the best solution with you. Most of my customers say things like: “It feels like I’ve known you forever.” “You’re like an old friend that I just reconnected with.”

You’re not a number to me, and I’m not just another vendor to you. You’ll know that I care about you and your business, and I’ll do as much as I can to help.

Crawl / Walk / Run
One of the guiding philosophies that I have is to crawl first – then walk – then run. Here’s an example. If a customer needs a terminal, a web-based shopping cart integration – and also wants mobile processing (and I’ve had a number of customers that want and need just that) – we take one piece at a time. We implement, test, confirm that everything is right, then we add the next piece….

Fast Problem Fixes
I realize that my company is dealing with one of the most sensitive areas of your business – MONEY. If anything goes wrong in the process, you want answers, and you want them NOW. With us, you’ll have access to me and a great office staff. I’ll pull in any resources I need to address your problems, and I’ll do it fast. Phone: 860-298-8820