What’s Unique about Us?

Only ONE pricing strategy
There are a number of ways that a processing company can price your account.  As far as I’m concerned, there is only ONE way to price it – and that is by using INTERCHANGE PLUS.  This is the only method that allows you as a customer to see exactly what the pricing is for the transactions, and to be able to manage your costs.  More about that in other sections of this website.

How I’m Compensated
Most processing salespeople are compensated by selling the account.  That’s why you’ll never see them again.  They’re paid to sell and sell and sell new accounts.  They don’t service their existing ones because there isn’t enough compensation for them.  My company does the exact opposite.  I’m only paid for ongoing business.  My compensation is dependent upon your satisfaction and staying with us as your merchant account processor.  There’s my incentive to keep you very satisfied.

No Surprises
I do everything I can to minimize any surprises.  I’ll inform you of everything that needs to be taken care of, and I’ll keep you informed of changes in the processing industry that you need to know to run your business well. 

Honesty and Integrity
It’s sad that I have to talk about this here, but….  The payment processing industry is filled with some pretty shifty and shady characters (I think I was politically correct in that statement).  In contrast - we have built the entire business on Honesty and Integrity.  My slogan is:  Everything that we do – we do with INTEGRITY. 

16 Years as a Business Coach – along with a degree in Finance
When you work with me – you’re getting all of my years of experience.  I spent 16 years as a business coach helping businesses in North America and Europe.  You’re getting all of my training in finance, and someone who spent 20 years in the technology side of insurance.  I’m very well rounded in helping you find the very best answer for your payment processing needs.

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